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Stefan Eberhardt- a busy worker

Stefan Eberhardt
(Foto: Gantenberg)
[11.07.2005] ] "I`m looking forward to the Junior World Championships, even if the preparations were not optimal. It was after the Junior European Championships in Tampere my second big international competition. So I was very confident in the first round. But after 400 meters I lost the race", Stefan Eberhardt remembers last year. At the German Championships in Wattescheid, next weekend, he is able to win the title.

"I started too fast, 55 seconds for the first round. It came how it had to came. I was handed over without a chance to reach the final. There was a big disappointment and the delight for the common days at the Toskana reduced."

At first this story sounds unsignificant. It seems to be a story a few talents could tell. But Stefan tells more than a happening, he tells about his career. This is a story of a man who is on the top in Germany but could not convince at international competitions.

Level acquired

He acquired a level, fighted to reach the top and got same international applications. Stefan Eberhardt isn`t rely to be a youth champion, he has a long- term plan. He has time and most arbitrative a big treasure of international experiences.

Due to that fact, the young man from Erfurt passed years and you could fill books with it. His coach Dieter Hermann arranged him cautious and continously since he started for B- youth. Exclusively the fact that he passed each status of squad, speaks volumes.

"At first I played football. After that in the second or third class I started with athletics", the athlete remembers his beginning. "With a few friends I started for VfB Schleiz. My mother also did athletics.

Arbitrative height

"After secondary school certificate, Dieter Hermann told me that there is a better running group in Erfurt." Stefan Eberhardt applied for. "There was a free place. I was not accepted because of my performances, but rather of my height." Today the 20 year old man measures 1,90 meter.

In Erfurt they choose athletes due to their potential. Stefan Eberhradt had a high potential. "In Erfurt I went to the college of physical education and lived in the boarding school. Even at that time the conditions were quite good. Things developed.

After he passed his school leaving examination, he moved to an appartement and was taken to "Sportfördergruppe" of the police. So he can train professionally. "It`s comparable with Federal Boarder Guard. Except the sport Stefan has no other hobbies. The Running stands above everything.

Reserve assets in alimination

" I have reserves at my alimentation, I don`t really take care of." I also need fastfood. But I take care to eat enough fruit and vegetables und to have a regular lunch. Overall I subsist unhealthful.

Stefan Eberhardt thinks nothing of power bars or drinks, the same for alcohol. "Once in a while I ingest a vitamin pill. I am not a big eater. Normal portions are enough." At the end he adds: "I like eating at home, it tastes best.

Trust an aim

Stefan Eberhardt do not show much emotions, he is a busy worker, who is escorted by his coach on a auspicious way. He don´t know exactly how many German titels he collected in his career. Nothing can agitate him. You can feel, that he trusts his aim.

His private live may be unspectacular, but his performances seem to be implicitnesses. This man was formed since he was a youth. He already knows which time he will run in two years.

When most of the athletes have a rest Stefan works hard for his dream. He knows, that he can reach it just with application and discipline. So it doesn´t matter that he had no international success so far. "In Grosseto I was too motivated. I was not able to keep up with the african runners. It was not possible yet."

Morale after backstrokes

Stefan Eberhardt features with his morale to fight after backstrokes. You need this courage, even if you pay dearly.

Now he reached the german top by running a personal best of 3:40,86 minutes. The goal for this season is set: "At the European Championships U23 in Erfurt I want to qualify for the final. In the long run I want to compete at the Olympic Games." (stf)