3 Economical Curb Appeal-Boosting Home Updates

Whether you’re planning to sell, or you just want to improve the appearance of your home, it’s no secret that curb appeal is important. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time or money, you have to be selective about the curb appeal improvements you make to your property. Here are three home renovation projects that will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Update Your Landscaping

Your home’s landscaping has a significant impact on overall curb appeal. To make your home look more attractive, develop a landscaping strategy that includes a variety of vegetation to give your yard plenty of visual interest. Designing and maintaining your landscaping is highly time-consuming. Retain an expert service for residential landscaping Loomis CA to keep your outdoor spaces looking lush and beautiful. You’ll watch your home’s curb appeal truly blossom.

2. Renovate Your Garage Door

If your garage door is negatively affecting the appearance of your home, giving it a quick update is a great way to give your entire exterior a fresh, new look. It just takes a fresh coat of stain to breathe new life into an old wood door, or a vinyl wrap to dress up an outdated aluminum door. You can complete the look by installing new hinges and handles to add some character to your updated garage door.

3. Upgrade Your Front Door

In addition, don’t forget to give your front door a makeover. You could swap your current front door with a steel door with a colorful finish. Alternatively, there are things you can do to improve the look of your current door. Aside from giving the door a fresh coat of paint, install upgraded locks and hardware. Not only will your door look more attractive, it will keep your home more secure, as well.

Follow these tips and make these improvements – you’ll be surprised at how great your home will look!