3 Great Tips for Designing Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Looking to take your entertaining options to the next level? When it comes to outdoor entertaining luxury, there’s nothing quite like a functional and attractive outdoor kitchen. Follow these three tips to create an outdoor kitchen that the entire family will love.

1. Plan an Ideal Layout

The most important component of your outdoor kitchen is the layout. Start by choosing the appliances that you’ll need, as well as the built-in cabinetry that will anchor them. Enlist the services of a professional Cabinetry Contractor Beaumont TX to help you select and install the right cabinets for your project that will stand up to the elements of nature. Once you’ve decided on the main elements, then you can focus on other design essentials like lighting and sheltering the space.

2. Light the Space

Because you’ll be spending long evenings in the company of family and friends in your new cooking space, you’ll want to make sure the area is appropriately lit. Using a combination of lighting strategies will give your outdoor kitchen and eating area a cozy vibe. Hang string lights over the eating area and install LED fixtures above the cooking appliances and below the countertops. Use 2700K LED bulbs where appropriate to give the area a soft, warm glow.

3. Consider Shade and Shelter

In addition, think about the covering you’ll have over your new cooking and eating space. A retractable awning might be appropriate, but for a more natural look, consider installing a large wooden pergola and planting it up with vines to create a living roof and walls. Plants such as honeysuckle and clematis are best for providing dense foliage to give a pergola natural texture and beauty.

Your outdoor kitchen is a significant investment, and it’s important to get exactly what you want out of the project. Following these tips will allow you to create the design that’s right for you.