3 Ways to Deep Clean Your Home

Deep cleaning your home probably doesn’t fall on the top of your to-do list. Though it would be nice to get it done, deep cleaning often evokes feelings of dread and exhaustion. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do, or pay someone else to do, to deep clean your home.

1. Clean the Carpet

If you have carpet in your home, it probably hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. Most carpet manufacturers suggest having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Carpet cleaning Sewell, NJ is available to help get your carpet looking new again. The professional cleaning lifts out dirt and extends the life of your carpet. When choosing a carpet cleaning company, ensure that they don’t use harsh chemicals or shampoos. The soap from these products only attracts dirt so it’s best to go without them.

2. Declutter

Most individuals have a room or two full of stuff they need to go through. Whether it’s a storage tote full of high school memories or a pile of mail sitting on the counter, it’s time to declutter. Start by going through the stuff that’s visible that doesn’t have a designated resting place. All items should then be put away or given away. If you haven’t touched something in several years, ask yourself if you really need to keep the item. It’s likely that you have a lot of stuff that can be donated or thrown away.

3. Wash the Windows

It’s finally time to wash your windows and clean the window tracks. Some experts suggest cleaning your windows twice a year. Start by vacuuming the track to get rid of dust. Next, use a combination of vinegar and dish soap to spray on the track area to release any dirt buildup. Third, use a toothbrush to scrub the area and wipe it clean with a rag. Finally, spray cleaner on your windows and wipe them clean from top to bottom.

Deep cleaning your home doesn’t have to take all weekend. Start with these three basic chores and your house will feel cleaner instantly.