Animals That Make Great Pets for Kids

Is it time to invite an animal into your family? Adding a pet has many advantages. Children learn to love an animal and care for someone else. The change in atmosphere, though, maybe a bit much. Owners should be sure to select something that fits the household’s interests and abilities–and not all pets are easy to care for. If you have little ones but are eager to branch into pet ownership, look into the following selections.


A common choice is a dog. The animal may be playful and can show a great deal of affection. It’s essential to find the right breed and ensure that you have the time and money to make it work. For example, if you purchase certified German Shepherd puppies, invest effort into training and a big yard. These adorable girls and guys are great cuddlers and very protective. They need a good workout too. Go into it prepared, and the kids may see a great reward in developing empathy and responsibility.


Some little ones want to see movement, but they also require time and space. Tank animals work well in this situation, and while the first instinct may be to grab a hamster, you may want to consider a rat. These rodents do show affection and are gentle, allowing children to hold and love on them. They demonstrate emotion and can bond with the owners.


Lizards do make good pets, especially for younger kiddos. While they are nocturnal, they may come out in the morning or evening, offering some interaction. Selections such as the crested gecko are friendly enough to even sit in someone’s palms. The family may discuss habitat cleaning together and prepare the food.

Children learn valuable lessons from pet ownership, such as the importance of putting in the right effort and providing a safe environment. Be sure not to take on too much at first. Start with an animal that works with the family’s schedule and offers the attention you all desire.