Caring for Your Roof: 3 Ways To Keep Your Rooftop Protected Longer

Likely, you have a yard routine. Your grass gets mowed regularly with bushes pruned as needed to keep them looking pristine and level. But, do you have a chore schedule for your roof? It’s one of the largest investments you have in your house, and it’s vital to keep it and you safe. If you’re not already keeping up with its maintenance, here are three things you could do to elongate the rooftop’s life.

1. Complete Regular Inspections

It’s easy to forget about the roof, simply accepting that it’s up and working. The top, though, takes a regular beating from the elements with wind and rain doing some damage to shingles and flashing. To catch minor issues quickly, work with a St Louis residential roofing company to inspect the structure at least once a year or after any severe systems pass through.

The experts can look for broken or missing shingles or any early signs of water intrusion. To avoid a major replacement, fix these things sooner rather than later.

2. Install Gutters

When water lingers on the roof, it adds pressure to the structure. This weight could lead to collapses or leaks. Minimize water saturation concerns by adding gutters to the side of the house. These tubes guide the water down the sides, safely deterred from the top.

The flow should continue down the property too. You don’t want it puddling on the ground near the foundation.

3. Keep Trees Trimmed

If branches break off a tree and slam into the shingles, the area could incur harm such as dents, breaks or holes. Although small, they are troublesome. Slow leaks permit water accumulation, a perfect habit for mold spores. Monthly examine the trees around your home, cutting them back to keep space between the residence and the plants.

Understand the factors that interfere with your roof’s safety and strength. Along with having a general annual inspection, minimize moisture exposure and foliage interference. These are things you might control.