How To Set Up a Healthy Pond

There are many benefits of adding a pond to your yard or garden. Not only is water beautiful to see and listen to, but it also gives you the opportunity to support different types of aquatic life. Consider a few maintenance tips, everything from water pumps to aquatic weed control, that may help you to keep your little body of water healthy.

Find the Perfect Spot

Your first step is to choose where you would like your pond to be located. Part of this decision also includes whether you would like the water to be situated within the ground or in a container above it. The best spot for a pond may vary from property to property, but be sure it is accessible and has some shade.

Get Supplies

There are quite a few things you will need to get started. If you dig out a place for your pond, you will need a pond liner. Alternatively, you could look into above-ground containers. Other necessary equipment includes skimmers, a water pump, rocks and even dechlorinating tablets for water.

Add Plants and Animals

After constructing your pond and achieving a proper pH balance in the water, you can starting adding aquatic life. Remember that plants increase in size and fish reproduce, so you do not want to add so many organisms that they will become overpopulated in the future.

Keep Your Water Clean and Balanced

Once your pond is completed to your satisfaction, there is still work to be done. It is important to keep the water free of debris, as well as to monitor its pH and oxygen levels. Imbalances may require treatments or removal of some aquatic life. 

A little body of water could add a lot to your yard or garden. Consider getting the supplies you need so that you can start working on your pond today.