3 Facts About Microneedling

Microneedling is a skin care procedure that uses tiny needle pricks to treat wrinkles and fine lines. Although it’s not for everyone, it can be an effective way to slow the aging process.

If you’re looking for skin renew microneedling rf, you may be interested to know these facts before scheduling the treatment.

1. Not All Needles Are the Same.

Although microneedling always involves needles, not all microneedling devices are exactly the same. For example, a dermal roller contains small needles located on a cylinder that are rolled across the treatment area. Some devices have needles attached to flat stamps, while others have needles arranged on top of a skinny, pen-like tool. Some are manual and require a person to operate by hand, while others are automatic and use motors.

2. The FDA Has Cleared Certain Microneedling Devices for Medical Use.

If the microneedle is being used to treat scars or wrinkles on the face or abdomen in patients aged 22 years and older, the FDA will have cleared the device for use. Most of the cleared devices are the pen-type tools, which can reach deep into the skin and touch nerves and blood vessles. For this reason, the FDA strongly recommends the procedures be completed by a knowledgeable professional in a medical setting.

Microneedling devices (such as dermal rollers) that do not have long needles, or those used primarily for exfoliating purposes, are often not cleared by the FDA. These products are often for in-home use, but should still be used with caution.

3. Microneedling Can Improve Scars.

The purpose of microneedling is to create tiny punctures in the skin, prompting the body to send a rush of healing white blood cells to the area. This procedure can be effective in treating acne scars, surgery scars, wrinkles or other facial disfigurements.

Microneedling can be done at home, or as an outpatient procedure at your local medical spa. Although there are minimal risks for the procedure (such as itching, stinging or bruising), it can be a successful way to decrease the appearance of scars and wrinkles.