3 Ways to Achieve an Upscale Bathroom

A bathroom can be your spot of calm at the beginning, middle, or end of your day. It is a place to decompress and to practice self-care, and as such, its aesthetic should reflect this function. If your bathroom’s current state is stale or chaotic, you might want to revisit some of its elements so it can be a place you can feel great about later.

Open the Shower

Changing up the structure of your shower — a focal feature in any bathroom — can change the overall appearance of the space. Consider glass shower doors Dallas TX as an upgrade to your existing shower entrance; a glass door will make your bathroom appear larger and brighter, and show off any tiling that may have previously been hidden from view. 

Clear the Vanity

Assess your sink and surrounding countertops and decide whether they add stress and disarray to the space. Oftentimes, a sink will attract clutter. Beauty products and other odds and ends can build up, adding mayhem to an otherwise zen room. Consider adding shelving above your vanity to keep the counter surfaces clean, or build cabinetry below your sink to conceal those sundry items. A spotless bathroom will afford you better focus and clarity as you go on about your day.

Add Texture

A bathroom can feel sleek and sterile by nature due to the nature of the materials used. Tile and laminate and marble and granite are all surfaces common in bathrooms that reflect light and are easy to clean, yes, but can also feel cold and lifeless without other textures to add interest or warmth to the room. Pop in plants that thrive off humidity for organic elements that will make the space will more cheerful and lived-in. Consider rope or basket pendant lights for a modern update to your lighting. 

Your bathroom can be elevated to be more of a luxurious retreat. Try one of these ideas to take your bathroom up a notch or two!