Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

It’s not uncommon to grow so used to the way your home looks that you stop truly seeing it after a while. With some exterior improvements, though, you can transform the look of your home and give it an extra dose of curb appeal. Here are a few areas to focus on to make your home feel practically like new.


Replacing your home’s siding is one way to dramatically change its look. If your home dates from a particular era or has a certain style, consider choosing siding in an appropriate color to play up that feature. You can also walk around your neighborhood and check out which colors are popular. You might find another home with just the look you’re going for. Work with your siding contractor Ann Arbor MI to design your ideal home exterior.


Make sure that your garden and the other landscaping around your home are scaled appropriately relative to the size of your home. If your home is small, and your garden has grown out of control, it might be time to prune some things back and tidy up the plantings. A large home, however, can handle larger-scale plants, so go ahead and plant those shade trees and large shrubs. Adding perennial flowers for season-long color is a great way to beautify your yard. Be sure to also consider adding some hardscaping to your natural areas, such as a bench or a birdbath.

Front Porch

If your home has a great front porch, show it off. Use porch rail garden boxes to provide splashes of color. Add a porch swing or rocking chairs to invite people to relax. An outdoor rug can bring the whole porch together and make it feel like an extra room. A ceiling fan mounted over the main seating area can bring an extra bit of comfort on hot, steamy days.

Give the exterior of your home some attention to really add some curb appeal. You’ll be able to enjoy pulling up to your home every day once your spruce things up a bit.