How Often To Replace Your Heating and Cooling Equipment

Whether it’s the freezing temperatures of winter or the sweltering heat of summer, when the weather gets extreme, you need your heating and cooling equipment to work properly. Most of the time, this means proper maintenance. However, even well-maintained equipment needs to be replaced eventually.

When To Replace an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are typically outdoor units that are exposed to the elements, which means they need to be replaced more often than other heating and cooling equipment Shawnee Mission KS. If your unit is older than 10-12, it may already need to be replaced. Modern units may last up to 20 years. Regardless of its age, you may need to consider a replacement if it frequently breaks down or if you notice higher energy bills than usual during the summer months.

When To Replace a Furnace

Like an air conditioner, an older furnace is only made to last for about 10 years. Newer models last longer but may still need to be replaced at the 15-year mark. When you do find that it is time to replace your furnace, look for an ENERGY STAR-qualified model. These models are typically about 15% more efficient than other models. Keep in mind that a furnace that doesn’t blow warm air, needs to be repaired often, or causes your utility bills to skyrocket may need to be replaced sooner.

When To Replace a Heat Pump

Sometimes, your entire HVAC unit doesn’t need to be replaced but a part of it does. Most commonly, the part in question is the heat pump. If your system stops working properly, an HVAC technician can help you determine if the heat pump is the culprit. Typically, the pump will last between 10 and 15 years. As with the rest of an HVAC unit, the older it is, the more quickly the heat pump will need to be replaced. 

Whether you’re having your unit serviced or replacing part of it, always ensure that you hire a licensed and experienced HVAC technician. Doing so protects your investment and keeps your family safe.