How To Keep Unwanted Pests Away

Do you have a problem with bugs and critters? Whether you struggle with mice or ants, you don’t want them around. They’re not only annoying, but depending on the pest, they can be unsafe and bring diseases with them. Instead of just treating each problem as it arises, make it harder for them to even get into your home. Here are some ways you can keep the pests out of your house.

Put Food Away

Animals and bugs are incredibly good at finding any available food or water source. Because of that, you need to do your best to keep those things out of their grasp. If you have bags of food stored in your garage, such as dog food, rice or sugar, bugs and animals will get to them. You might think that the bags are safe, but a mouse will quickly chew through the bag to get to the food. 

If you need to store food in your garage, make sure it is in airtight glass or plastic containers. Additionally, if you ever spill food on the ground in the garage, don’t just kick it away. Sweep it up and throw it in the garbage can. You want to be extra vigilant because once mice find their way into your garage, you might have to rely on Staten Island pest control to remove them. 

Repair Window Screens 

If you have any tears or cracks in your window screens, you’re making an easy highway for unwanted guests to get inside. When you see a broken window screen, immediately replace it or repair it using window screen tape. 

Furthermore, if you notice any of the seals on the window screens are broken, you’ll want to address those. You might be able to simply push the seal back into the screen, but if they’ve dried out and aren’t as malleable, you’ll likely have to replace them.