How to Organize an Apartment

More people than ever are using storage units to hold their belongings, but that can still leave your house feeling a little too full. Especially for people who live in an apartment. With little storage space and three bedroom house worth of stuff, organizing is more important than ever if you’re living in a small space. It might seem easier to get a bigger unit at Benicia storage or Storage Max, but cleaning up your home can also make you feel more relaxfinng and help your mind to unwind when you walk in the door.


First thing’s first, you need to toss all those little knick knacks and chachkies taking up space around your home. Clutter can be any thing that you don’t really use or need, but can’t seem to throw away. As you go through life, it’s easy to continue amassing objects that aren’t important, so do a little purge and watch how much your house opens up without unnecessary items claiming space.


Now that you have more space, you can rearrange what items are left to make more use of the room. Maybe you could scoot your bed into the corner or finally add that desk you’ve been wanting. Hanging art can also sometimes make a room feel larger and more welcoming. This is your time to create something new with everything you already own.


Once everything is put away and looking great, you can start to add some decor to finish off the look. With a little searching, you can easily find items that double as storage areas, such as side tables or wall shelves. Keep an eye out for things that look awesome and also add storage options to the room.

Organizing a small apartment is especially important to keep it feeling like a spacious home.