How to Prepare for Solar Panel Installation

If you are like many people today, you may want to reduce your carbon footprint by using energy from renewable sources. Solar panel installation Corona CA is one option for making your home more efficient. However, proper solar installation requires some basic preparation.

Usage Adjustments

Solar energy installation costs are based on the number of solar panels you need. You can reduce this cost, sometimes significantly, by taking an inventory of the energy you use and trying to find ways to trim it down. For example, you may change your light bulbs from incandescent to LED, unplug unused appliances and replace appliances that are not energy efficient. Turning off electronics and removing charging cords when they are not in use are also good strategies.

Grid Connection

If you want your solar system connected to the local utility, you need to know a few things. Although a reputable installer will understand local building and electrical codes, you should contact your utility company as well. Ask how long it takes to hook into the grid and if there are any fees. You should also ask whether you will receive credit for any overages you produce and when this credit will be distributed.

Roof Structure

Your roof’s structure should also be evaluated, especially if you live in an area that gets snowfall. The weight of the snow and panels could collapse your roof if it does not have the proper structure and weight rating. Therefore, you may need some structural upgrades. Also, consider replacing old, damaged roofs. 

Roof Positioning

Check your roof’s slope positioning. You want a significant part of your roof to face the sun’s trail throughout the day so your panels are efficient. Also, make sure your roof isn’t shaded by trees or won’t be shaded in the future by newly planted trees. If your roof has insufficient space available on the side where the sun travels all day, you may need to investigate other solar panel installation options.

If you plan to purchase and install a solar system, consider working with a reputable installer.