The Tech Upset in Force Measurement Equipment

Big data and the prevalence of the Internet of Things has transformed just about every industry in the nation. Force measurement has long been predictable and consistent, with long-standing processes and technology accepted across all industry players. Now, weighing equipment Fort Lauderdale FL companies have to figure out how to adapt to the digital revolution occurring in traditionally used load cell technologies.

The Wireless Shift

Load cells have been using analog technology for almost 50 years, but digital services and wireless delivery are changing how engineers look at the delivery accuracy and efficiency in force measurement. The data and connectivity coming out of sophisticated production lines and digitized factory operations need an equally formidable measurement technology. There will be an increase in the number of faster, wireless connected force measurement devices over the next decade.

The Move Toward Automation

Automation has already revolutionized factory processes and manufacturing companies around the world, with machines that are capable of taking real-time data to make highly accurate decisions in record time. There is unprecedented access to insight into reliably and performance tracking for load cells, with expected capabilities being able to pinpoint errors that originate on the production line. Automation will increase efficiency while driving down costs for the industry.

The Need for Data Collection

As the demand for data continues, new sensors will be developed that can measure and collect information from up to six different axis points. Load cells will need to read more information, leading to the use of multiple sensors in a single device. More advanced electronics are in development to process this data, as well as expand measurement capabilities into location, humidity, and temperature.

Technology offers force measurement a way forward through a digital, automated environment. The end result is an industry that can handle demand with lower costs and improved performance.