Three Tips for Winterizing Your House

You don’t want to wait until it gets cold to make sure your house is ready for the colder months. Your annual home maintenance plan should include specific steps to winterize your home, or get it ready for the cold. The low temperatures can have major impacts on your house and staying warm. Here are some things to consider.

Check Your Heating

In general, you should service any heating systems in your home on an annual basis. This includes furnaces, chimneys and boilers. Regular service prevents build-up and helps ensure efficient operation that serves your household when it’s cold. Before temperatures drop all the way down, run your system to make sure that it works and responds properly to thermostat control. Check to make sure that filters are clean and that any vents or grilles are free of obstructions. Contact a provider of heating repair Berlin MD for service needs.

Trim Your Trees

It’s important to keep your trees trimmed and pruned. Dead branches and other debris can become hazardous to your home as ice and snow can weaken them, turning them into falling hazards. They can not only damage your home and other belongings, but they also be tripping hazards to anyone that is walking in the yard. In general, you should also keep your yard clear of fallen leaves, clippings and other debris.

Close Your Cracks

Cracks and openings around doors, windows and other entry points to the structure can let cold air seep in. This not only forces your heating system to work harder and run longer, but it can also create a moisture build-up that leads to water and mold damage. Use caulk and weather stripping to seal holes in your structure.

Getting your home ready for the winter helps keep it comfortable even when temperatures are at their lowest. If you don’t already have a regular maintenance plan, make one that also includes season-specific care. Regular upkeep helps your home maintain its value for years to come.