What Every Homeowner Should Do After a Hurricane

Experiencing a hurricane is frightening for homeowners. If you’ve ever been impacted by a hurricane you know destructive they can be, especially to your home. Addressing any damage afterwards is essential not only for the safety of your family, but to the integrity of your home as well. Here are some things every homeowner should do after a hurricane hits. 

Check for Damage and Make Repairs

It’s no surprise that hurricanes leave behind messes everywhere, and sometimes this can make it tough to decide where to begin the recovery process. What’s important here is to prioritize your efforts, starting with a full checkup of your home. 

Chances are there will be some debris from the storm left on your home’s roof. While it’s obvious it should be removed immediately to prevent any additional damage, it would also be a good idea to consider anything else you might not be able to see. Scheduling a roof inspection Landrum SC would give you peace of mind, while also identifying any issues that need attention.

You’ll also want to take a closer look at your home’s exterior, checking for holes or cracks in the siding. Don’t forget to inspect your windows for visible signs of damage. Any compromised areas of the exterior could mean future issues with water damage or compromised insulation, so it’s important to address and repair damage as soon as possible.   

Clean Safely and Effectively

Cleaning up after a hurricane is in a different class than the everyday cleaning you’re used to. Chances are you’ll be dealing with mold and harmful bacteria, so being prepared is critical. 

Using the proper cleaning materials and protective gear will keep you safe, while ensuring your home is left sanitary and safe for your family’s return. Don’t hesitate to seek out professionals if you’re not comfortable tackling it on your own.