How to Get Replacement Machine Parts

Things break; it’s a fact of life. Finding replacement parts for machinery and other equipment can be difficult. Here are a couple of things that anyone can do to make the task a little easier.

Contact the Manufacturer

If you are missing a specific piece that is necessary to make the equipment work, then contacting the company is a sure-fire option to get what you need, so long as you actually know what part you need. One of the best ways to contact any company is to email the business’s customer service department.

Simply write a short paragraph on the part you need to replace. If possible, send a picture of the piece (or a  picture of the broken piece if that is all you have) and the piece number. From there, the company can find the piece and send you a replacement, usually for a small price.

Use an Injection Molding Company

If you need many of the same plastic pieces, or if you do not want to go through the manufacturer, then you might want to try using plastic molding services instead. With these services, the company can custom print any piece you need. Usually, these molding services make new pieces out of plastic. However, some services may also be able to make items out of thin malleable metals. Make sure to ask about this when looking for a service to hire.

Find the Generic Equivalent

If you do not need a specific name-brand part, then finding the generic equivalent will do. Simply do a quick search online for the part that you need. You may be able to find the part (especially if it is a small metal part) at your local hardware store. 

Finding the right replacement part for your machine doesn’t have to be tricky. Just try one of these three methods and you are sure to find what you need.