How To Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Research has shown that the average home houses about 100 different kinds of insects, regardless of how clean they are. Often, the bugs are harmless fruit flies or ants looking for their next meal, but that doesn’t mean they are welcome to stick around. The best way to keep pests in your home under control is to keep them out as much as possible. Here are some ways you can do that. 

Put Food Away

Bugs have an uncanny ability to find every morsel of food left out, whether on the counter or the floor. Then, when they find something, they let all their friends know so they can come to have a taste, too. Keeping your food sealed and put away in the cabinets is one of the best ways to keep bugs from attacking your home. It’s also essential to keep the floors and counters clean from all debris. Then, when an ant goes out to scout your kitchen, they’ll report back that there isn’t anything to be found and go somewhere else for food. 

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Keep Screens on the Windows

While having a nice breeze going through the house on a hot day feels great, you don’t want to open your windows if you don’t have screens on them. When you open the window without a screen, you’re opening your home to the entire outside world, and anything can come through. While screens aren’t going to keep out micro insects like ants and gnats, they do a great job of keeping other, larger bugs out. 

Cut Back Foliage

Often, bugs nest at the base of plants. When you have plants and trees that touch your home, you’re going to find that you have worse problems with bugs than when you cut the foliage back. Don’t allow any plants to touch your home, and make sure you remove any dead or dying plant matter, so you don’t encourage pests to create their homes in the debris.