Picking the Perfect Fence

Are you on the fence about building a barrier for your property? Here are a few options to help choose the perfect picket, whether it’s just to enhance the curb appeal of your lawn or to give you much-needed space to relax away from prying eyes.

White Picket

The old staple and a cornerstone of the postcard-perfect American dream home, a white picket fence brings some small-town charm to your lawn. It keeps your children and pets inside while still allowing smaller wildlife to come and go through the gaps. The lower profile makes it easier to conduct conversations over its crown. These days white picket fences are more likely to be coated with acrylic-based paint rather than whitewash or made entirely from vinyl, so upkeep is less a chore than in the era Norman Rockwell depicted in his paintings.

Wood Slat

Whether vertical or horizontal, wood slat fencing is a more modern take on an old classic. It provides more privacy than a traditional picket fence, especially when extended upwards to six feet or more. Fence installation Lake County IL companies may recommend wood slat fences because they are easier to install and maintain while keeping your yard secure.

Wrought Iron

An elegant workhorse, wrought iron fences are like their picket cousin in that they’re less about privacy than security. The sizing may vary from approximately 3 feet tall, which can secure pets and kids within the yard, to over 6 feet tall, which can prevent people from climbing over the fence. For an added touch of class, consider a brick or stone wall as a base.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing is used when you need to keep spaces separated for safety’s sake. Many parks and businesses rely on chain link fences to keep fast-moving debris from crossing boundaries and injuring passers-by or employees. Construction zones employ temporary fences to keep the public from accidentally wandering into unsafe areas.