How To Identify Septic Tank Issues

When you rely on a septic tank, you know that you have to do things a bit differently than if you used the municipal sewer in your area. However, no matter how well you treat your septic system, sometimes problems arise. Here are some ways you can see that you might have issues with your septic tank. 

Sewage Backup in Your Home

If you notice that sewage begins to back up every time you use a water source in your home, you can be confident knowing there is an issue with your system. When this happens, you never want to put any harsh chemicals down your drains to clear a potential clog because the chemicals could cause catastrophic damage to the good bacteria in your tank. 

Instead, call septic tank pumping services Fort Worth in your area. They will identify if your tank is simply full and needs to be pumped or if something more serious has happened, like a crack or clog in your main sewer line. 

Unusually Green Grass Around Your Tank

Septic tanks can easily last for 30 years – or longer –  when adequately taken care of. However, sometimes things happen, and your tank can fail. Because the tank is in the ground, you might not know right away that it has failed. However, if you notice that your grass looks unusually healthy and you haven’t recently placed fertilizer on the lawn, it could be a good sign that you need to call a professional. 

Standing Water in Your Grass

When your tank fails, it won’t treat and absorb water the way it was designed to. So, when you use water in your home, it simply fills the tank and causes it to overflow out into your lawn. If you have sprinklers in the same area and suspect it might be an irrigation problem, turn them off and see if the grass is still wet in a few days. If it is, immediately call a septic company to come out and evaluate your system.